13 March 2013

The Big 4-1!

The number says it - FORTY ONE! 41! Cuarenta y uno! Quarante et un! Apatnapu't isa! Yonjuuichi! No matter how and what ever language I translate 41, it still remains as that - a big, fat 41.

I know. I keep telling everyone that age is just a number. It remains a figure in my journey in this phase of life. I am very thankful though that I will be celebrating my 41st birthday with my family and that means so much to me. What bothers me now is how my body is adapting to the years of my existence. I just posted something about my expanding girth and it happens each time I celebrate my birthday. I am seriously freaking out to see my waistline loyally following my age. There can't be any paranormal connection to that. I hope!

Well, expanding waistline is not my only concern these days. The physical manifestations of turning 41 is becoming evident too. Let's skip the girth now. Let's focus on the upper portion of my body. Well, my arms are still droopy but not as droopy as before. Thanks to the arm exercises I do. My chest is still okay, thank goodness for that. My face is plump like an inflated balloon. But I have to give it to my face though. I still don't have wrinkles considering my age. Kudos to that! But I am not spared from the age spots as they start to congregate in one area of my cheek. My crowning glory is another story. It is turning into silver! I used to have dark brown hair. Now, 1/4 of my natural hair has decided to go on mutiny. And about 1/8th of that decided to go MIA! LOL!!!

Now, for the other half of my body. My buttocks are firm but slightly lower than they used to. They used to be perky and "up there" but now, gravity has convinced by derriere to follow suit. Traitors! And as an evidence to that claim, my perfectly form-fitting jeans which happily nestles on my well-formed behind is slightly loose and slung lower than usual. Hmmm. I hope it's because my fat bum just got more toned. Otherwise, I don't even want to know how my behind will look like 10 years from now. They're probably kissing the floor!

Oh, the legs! Don't even get me started with them. I used to have lovely gams that wearing micro minis and shorts were never an issue. Well, those were the days and the present calls for more trousers and longer skirts. They're like logs! But like my face, I have to give a round of applause to my legs because they are toned and not flabby. If I could only lose more inches from them. Sigh.

Let's go to the last part I want to pick on - my feet. I thought my feet will not expand width and length-wise. I was wrong! I used to wear a size 6 shoes. Now it's 7 and I am not too happy about it. I am 5 foot flat and I look like a clown wearing big shoes. Now that's a sight I am not very comfortable with. Nothing against clowns but they do wear big shoes for the show but for me, I have to wear it to work and I look like a penguin.

I told myself I want to grow old gracefully not awkwardly. I feel like a pubescent girl, uncertain of how she has to adapt whilst aware of where she will eventually be in the cycle of life. I am not sure if my mind is really ready for the changes that will happen to me as I push 41 and onwards. I'm sure I will get used to all these. I just need to internalize the changes and accept them as part of "growing up."

And I thought I grew up already? So, what do I feel now that I am turning 41? I feel so many things. I feel grateful, happy but confused, still adapting to all that is happening and wondering how my life will be years from now.

I pray I will be given more time in the world to discover the person that I will be as I go along in this journey in life. And while I am travelling in that road, I'll take with me the many lessons and wisdom I will pick up along the way. That includes the imperfections my physical being will undertake as I show the world what being 41 does to a woman like me.


  1. Actually sis, just get a professional trainer that helps your problem.I have a friend here and that was his problem before now she looks great without any expanding girth. As I know 40's is important stage and you have to take extra careful and watch your diet as well.

  2. Happy happy birthday Sis. I hear you especially with all those physical manifestations as you grow older and although I am years younger than you are, I think I am already experiencing the same.

    Our physical bodies may have change as our age cahnges, I still believe that what's more important is the wisdom we have acquired all those years. So worry not, hindi ka nag-iisa.

    Again, happy happy birthday Sis. I am so blessed to have known somebody like you. I really we hope you could see you soon.

  3. LOL. Na-enjoy ako sa post na ito sis! Happy 41st birthday! Ka-birthmonth tayo, alam mo ba yun? Hehe... I will be turning a year older as well before this month ends. True, it's just a number. They other good way of looking at it is that, God is so good for having blessed us with those years! Life is a gift and we are blessed for and of it!

    Belated happy birthday! :)

  4. Sis, you are beautiful inside and out and your age does not really shows on your physical looks. Punta kadito work out tayong dalwa hehehe.. Belated happy birthday again!

  5. Happy Birthday girl. Just don't mind those silly numbers. Just grow gracefully.

  6. Oh! Happy birthday. Stay blessed. i'm 43 and feeling all those "blues" as you mentioned.
    however, all the imperfections i am seeing/feeling now in my age -i'm happily accepting them as they come. i just don't know if i'll feel the same when i turned 50. lol

  7. Sis, I can't help but let out a chuckle on the big, fat 41, LOL! Please don't be too hard on your age, err, I meant yourself. My imagination has gone wild with all your clear descriptions of yourself especially when your bum will go kissing the floor 10 years from now and that your legs are like logs. Geez! What a funny thing to say. LOL! It's not too obvious that you love to pick at yourself, hehehe.

    Anyways, Sis. I know you have the strong will and determination to trim down and for sure, you'll get there one day. Others were able to do it and so can you.

    Swinging by here again to greet you a belated happy birthday. Thanks for eating our share on the cake. Hahaha! I am sure you had a grand birthday celebration with your family. More birthdays to come!

  8. Before anything else, Happy Birthday Ria and you are pretty just the way you are. May you many more years to cherish your life. God bless you and your family.
    I also love to reach my 40's with wow body but if aging means gaining a little bit of fat here and there, I'm okay with that as long as I don't get sick.
    But then again, we need to do something to get rid of those stubborn awkwardness.

  9. Happy Birthday, I am sure you had blast celebrating your day with your family and friends there in Dubai. :) And, oh, you're just starting sis, sabi nila di ba life begins at 40 and you're only 41...more to go, cheers! tsaka looks can be deceiving, what important is who you are inside, its the character that counts. God bless you more! :)

  10. Well, you are not alone, I'm just 2 years short to the big 40, but yes you are right its just a number :D, we definitely would age gracefully gurl.


  11. Thanks everyone :) I'm probably going through a phase where I am still a bit confused. But rest assured, my age (and girth) will grow on me. Until next year again! :) Much love to everyone!!!


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