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04 March 2013

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Do you like the Blues? I do! And if you do too, then you must be familiar with Paul Butterfield and his blues band in the 60s era who was one of the original players in Woodstock.

Paul Butterfield was bron and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He had been influenced by his studies of classical flute to play the blues harmonica. His passion led to the formation of the band with other blues-loving folks like Elvin Bishop, Jerome Arnold and Sam Lay. They hang out with other blues artists in the area and became the house band in a folk club called Big John's.

Some of their famous pieces are:

In My Own Dream
Keep On Moving
Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin'
Better Days
It All Comes Back
Put It in Your Ear
The Legendary Paul Butterfield Rides Again

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