01 April 2013

It's So Cold Here

I think I don't like to come here in the US during winter or post winter time. It is supposed to be spring already but the weather is like winter.

We are bracing ourselves to the colder temperature in Buffalo, New York later on. Today's weather forecast in NY is around 15 degrees Celsius but I am not sure if it's April Fool's Day or what but the forecast for April 1 and 2 in Niagara Falls, NY is around 4 degrees Celsius as the highest and 0 to -4 as the lowest with snow. I keep checking on the weather, maybe it will still change but no luck.

Screen shot from Accuweather.com

Much as we are all excited to see snow, we're more eager to see the blooms of spring. Anyway, snow or not, Niagara, here we come!


  1. Niagara Falls is one of the dream places I wanted to go and visit. Have fun, Sis!

  2. Thanks sisteroo. We had fun kahit na sobrang lamig. We don't get to experience stuff like this regularly so despite the cold weather, we managed to enjoy Niagara. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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