16 April 2013

Major Earthquake Hits Iran Today

An intensity 7.8 in the Richter Scale hit Southeastern Iran today around 3 in the afternoon, Dubai local time. So far, 40 have been reported dead but is still not confirmed. The epicenter of the quake near  Khash was strong enough that it was felt in India, Pakistan, nearby Gulf regions including the Middle East.

Iran was also the center of the news last week with a weaker magnitude of 6.3 eartquake to hit the country leaving 37 dead and 850 wounded.

We felt the strong earthquake in Dubai as well. Throngs of people were asked to leave their buildings in anticipation of stronger aftershocks. My office is in the 8th floor and my colleagues and I felt it so bad that I took cover under my table and waited for the big bosses to direct us to leave the building in an orderly fashion.

I am not sure how long the quake lasted but it felt so long. We felt giddy and a bit disoriented. None was hurt in the evacuation in our area. I just pray that there won't be any harsh aftershock to ensue. God help us all.

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