14 May 2013

Being a Godmother

Godmothers are like second mothers to other people you sponsor in baptism, confirmation and wedding. If you have been blessed enough to be asked as a godmother, take pride and joy in it because being a godmother is a blessing.

I have a lot of godchildren from baptism rites. Few weeks ago, I have been promoted to the next stage of sponsoring. I am now a godmother for a confirmed child and I am happy to stand as a second mother to this kid because I know I can share and show good example and give guidance to the child as I would my own.

I remember many years ago about my own confirmation when I stood in front of the bishop and vowed to always accept the Holy Spirit in my heart. The role was reversed lately. I was standing on the sponsor side to witness the confirmation of my daughter's friend in school. I soaked in the atmosphere of being a sponsor this time. And I listened intently to the celebrant's homily and imbibed the words of Christ.

I am proud to stand as a godmother because I know I fit the bill to be a mom. It is something I will cherish each time a family member or friend asks me to become a godmother to their child. It is an honor and I will gladly accept the role.


  1. I have so many inaanak in the Philippines,. Unfortunately, I can't do my responsibilities to them since I am thousands of miles away but yeah, it is an honor to be one.

  2. The next level sis, is being a godmother in a wedding na. Being a godmother is really an honor. So that's why I'm flattered when someone asks me to be a ninang to their child. thankfully, only those close to me ask me because it's hard nga to be a second mom to so many inaanak especially during Christmas, haha.


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