31 May 2013

Checking Your Home Appliances Regularly To Prolong Their Usage

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Home appliances can range from the cheapest to the steepest in price. I think, most household will have a high ticket appliance in their homes; at least one or two expensive ones. The rest will be something that can usually be replaced when broken or beyond repair. And the common appliances that go through malfunction are TV sets, air condition units and the usual refrigerator repair.

We can spare ourselves from the process of spending cash for our appliances if we can take care of it. In the process, we can also prolong their intended life.

Here are tips to do to keep your appliances working properly:

1. Follow their manual of your appliances. All manuals will indicate the proper use of the appliance and will provide tips on how to care for them.

2. Regularly dust your appliances and do not let them accumulate especially near the exhaust groves where dusts normally gather and hard to remove.

3. Do not plug big appliances in a single extension cord because when used simultaneously, they can trip the fuse of the cord and may bust the other in the process for overloading.

4. Do not place them near windows, radiators or doors where they can get cold draft, too much heat or even moisture. Home appliances are not intended to be exposed to the natural elements unless your appliance is meant to be an outdoor one.

5. Do not put too much weight on top of them like putting another heavy appliance. If you are using a music component or a washing/drying machine combo, then that is ok and that is the intention, to stack them up. Otherwise, do not stack them up.

6. Do not put refrigerators next to a stove. The ref can get too hot making its mechanism work harder to cool the apparatus.

7. Unplug them (except for the refrigerator) when not in use.

8. Do not place them near wet areas.

9. Keep your appliances dry and free from moist.

10. Do not open them and tinker on their components or parts if they breakdown. Unless you are a repairman then do so and if not, leave that part to the experts.

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