26 May 2013

Deflate Your Belly Without The Use Of Gym Equipment

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Eating healthily is not only the key to lose those love handles. You also have to work out to burn those belly fats with core exercises including cardio exercises.

There are several ways to do crunching and you will be surprised that not all crunches require you to be in the gym or to use complex fitness machine to do the work. Simple floor exercises and twisting can also do the trick.

Here are some perfect moves to help deflate that pooch belly without the use of equipment.


This exercise is a type of isometric ab workout. Isometric kind of exercise generate tension in the muscle without involving too much movement.


This type of floor exercise helps tone not only the core muscles of your mid section but also your legs and glutes.


It is an effective exercise for the rectus abdominis and the obliques. It is like the regular crunch but on this kind, the legs are raised.


This exercises engages the oblique muscles. This is fairly simple and you can up the ante by holding a broomstick on your neck and twist your torso.


This is a basic exercise for the abdominal muscles. Just lie on the floor in a supine position, contract your ab muscles while lifting your upper body with your hands behind your neck.

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