14 May 2013

Find New York Activities In Vimbly.com

I love NYC! I can say and I can wear that on my clothes with pride. New York City is such a beautiful place to visit. There are plenty of reasons why one should put NYC on top of their bucket list. Aside from the beautiful sceneries around, the green Central Park, famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the iconic Empire State building, the captivating art museums and galleries, and the eclectic taste of food around the city, NYC has a lot more to offer than sightseeing and food-tasting. And that is FUN, FUN and loads of fun activities to do while in New York.

Thanks to Vimbly.com for bringing together a comprehensive list of activities of various business like wine tasting, pizza making, introduction to cigars, cooking and many more. You can also search for classes, exercise group sessions, stand up shows, live music shows and improvs.  I browsed through the numerous activities and classes listed in Vimbly.com a while ago.  I found so many activities that piked my family's interest. I am keen about the drawing class held at MET (and I am sure my daughter will love that too!) and the pizza-making class at Brick Oven. My husband prefers the wine tasting, of course.

Vimbly.com presented the list in a very organized manner with the option to filter your search according to the price and availability per day of the week and time. It is like looking at a class roster only it is interactive with an easy to understand interface.

And did I mention the costs of the classes, shows and other activities? Well, I'm surprised how some of them are offered for a mere $5! Now, that's super bargain for an experience that is worth the time and money.

I definitely recommend this site to the locals and visitors of NYC. It is great to have this site bookmarked in your faves for a quick access to what's available when you plan to visit. And if you're a New Yorker already, then you must have this saved in your smart phone, tablets, PC or anywhere you can access it like a breeze.

I have bookmarked the Vimbly.com already and you should too!


  1. I have never been to New York yet but hopefully someday. Thanks for sharing this tips sis.

    1. $5 is a super deal, will be checking this website out.

  2. That looks like a great site. A one stop shop for tourists and people who wants to something new this summer. looks very organized.


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