28 May 2013

Golfing in Germany

Everybody I know who plays golf say it is an easy game because you hit this ball with a metallic club and wish it will land in the putt or it becomes a "lost ball."

My hubby is an amateur golfer. He golfs for leisure and not for sports. At times, he would be with his other friends who share the same passion as his to play golf in nice courses in our area. Sometimes, they visit neighboring towns to check out their golf courses. He has not tried golfing in Europe yet, more so in Germany since lugging all those heavy golf clubs would mean extra expense for our part when we travel. However, whenever we travel, he checks out prices of golf clubs and other golfing accessories there and see the price difference.

We are thrilled to chance upon a site about golf courses in Germany. Although the language used is German, it is still helpful to find Golf shop with all the list of the best online golf shops in Germany. It also has menu for golf courses there which one might try out while having a vacation in Germany, be it a business or a leisure trip. This list of online golf shops in Germany is very usable when you want to check out the nearest golf shop from where you are currently staying.

We were in Germany few months back and have found the country very conducive to golfing especially when the weather is permissible like spring and the early summer. We tried out the mini-golf range in the Olympia Park in Munich and found it quite interesting and exciting considering my handicap. My daughter loved it too and would like to play more if only she had her own golf club! It was certainly fun.

With the sprawling greens, I can just imagine the excitement of a golfer to be able to play in these well-maintained golf courses.


  1. wow! golfing in germany! unfortunately, my parents are not into it. thanks for this little tidbit on germany. we are moving there next year, hopefully. :D by the way, mommy can't update her seasons.davao blog as of yet. it has been almost a month already and it's still parked at godaddy. (sisgh!) the admin is still trying to work it out though. there has been a prob with the domain, that's why. i do hope they fix it soon enough! mommy misses updating her blog.

  2. Hi baby Samantha,

    Oh, I didn't realize she had probs with her Davao...blog. I stopped using EC so I am unable to visit her blog as often as I would but since you are in my blog roll, now I don't have an excuse...;)

    Wow, Germany! That's great. Let me know if you do move, maybe I can visit you there one of these days...that'll be fun!!! See my previous posts on my recent vacation there and the photos I posted.

    Ciao cutie pie!!! See you often...

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