14 May 2013

Gospel Music

I enjoyed the recent church mass service I attended when I stood as a godmother to my daughter's friend in the Sacrament of Confirmation. I loved the atmosphere so much, so serene and yet you can feel the happiness around the kids being confirmed to the faith.  I listened to the gospel music played by the choir. I am very impressed on the technology the music industry has brought to the modern times.

The choir have top of the line string instruments, organs, tech 21 power engine amplifiers, wireless mics and surround speakers. The songs they played were heightened because of these hi-tech musical accessories which were not even present when I was growing up.

These modern gadgets in the music world surely made music better, if not, best in one's auditory experience a very pleasant one. And what's more satisfying not just in one's hearing but in one's soul were the beautiful gospel songs played by the choir. I feel the lyrics touched my heart as the songs made me feel serene.

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  1. Gospel music is such a relaxing song to listen to. I love it when kids are the ones singing in church.


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