11 May 2013

M. O. M.

Moms are not just mothers who follow their kids around like a dog wagging its tail waiting for a treat. Moms are not just wives who serve their husbands and make sure that everything is in order in the house, the meals are cooked and the kids have been fed. Moms are not just career moms as well who juggle work and family to ensure that both worlds are taken cared of. Moms are definitely not just caregivers, nannies, house help, cook, first aider, driver and all the other tasks that we moms can do.

I'm beginning to think that moms are like super heroines. We can do so much more with the time in our hands without complaints.  We just do it. No questions asked. And most times, we are the most unappreciated, underpaid and definitely unrecognized in the lot.

You know what, your lives won't be as easy as it is now without us - great moms! I am redefining the meaning of MOM now. Mom is no longer the term of endearment our family calls us. It's no longer the term used to indicate we are mothers. Mom is...

M - mom

O - over

M- matter

Yes, we are moms over matter. We can defy anything. We can do almost everything. Multi-task, take care of the bills, walk the dogs, feed the kids, wash the clothes, press them too, prepare meals for the family, run errands, drive, put on make up, work, get pregnant, give birth, have periods, have very painful periods, go through menopause and so much more. We are M.O.M.s!

We deserve this Mother's Day!

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  1. Moms are more than Super Heroines. You are the fountain of Love and Care.

  2. hahahaha Happy Mother's Day from one slave to another! gee, this post makes me feel proud to be a mom! may you be blessed with everything you deserve and more...cheers to motherhood and the awesome things we write about for the love of it :) keep inspiring us! mwah!

  3. Happy mother's day to you sis! Moms are indeed super heroes, it may not apply to all but most of Moms are!

  4. This is my first mother's day ever. And I realized how mom have shared a lot for us, esp now that I became one.

  5. Happy mother's day to all the great moms out there! Hindi pa ako mommy so hindi ko talaga alam kung pano maging mom but hopefully, in the righ time, I can be a great mother too!

  6. Belated Happy Mother's Day to you, Ria!


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