28 May 2013

Quick Shopping At Double Tap Jewelry At Instagram

I fancy accessories so much but I also enjoy a good bargain. I found these nice affordable pieces of funky, unique, classy and playful accessories at Double Tap Jewelry in Instagram. And yes, I had an online shopping experience while browsing through the numerous lovely pieces of accessories in their Instagram profile.

Before you proceed with shopping, you have to register at http://dtsales.co to get started. Once you are done registering your contact/shipping info and mode of payment details. You can now proceed to Double Tap Jewelry's profile in Instagram.

The selection is not quite vast yet but there are enough to choose from. Once you've decided on what to buy, click on the photo and on the description, it will be mentioned how many they have on the stock. I am just a little concerned about that aspect since Instagram is not interactive and probably not designed to handle e-commerce to track inventory. I am not sure if someone will regularly update the description of the picture when someone actually buys it. However, the whole experience is so convenient. I just hope there's a dynamic ticker that will indicate how many "actual" stock is left.

This could have been the easiest and fastest way to do a transaction. I enjoyed the selection process and really appreciate the fast transaction which is just to leave a comment "sold" on the picture you want to buy with your email address. And that's it. They will ship you your order and charge your card details which they have in the file when you registered in http://dtsales.co.

The whole shopping experience took me less than 10 minutes. I think that's a good amount of time to spend on an online shop for accessories.

Check out their profile in http://instagram.com/doubletapjewelry if you fancy a treat!

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