03 May 2013

Rotund And Flabby

My conscious self tells me to really lose it - the weight and the belly flab! I feel the signs are all pointing to my expanding girth and my flabby tummy.

I realized today that my weight is becoming an issue and so is my waist line. We were in Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi a while ago. We took a seated ride in one of the attractions. Most rides all over the world require a mechanical seat restrainer or that long bar that automatically shuts down close to your waist and legs to secure you in your seat in the ride. Well, let's just say, I couldn't breath when it closed. I felt it was tight in my waist area but looking at my family, their secure bar seemed to be just fine and they could even move a little. Wow! That meant my belly fat is becoming a problem now.

I am taking little steps to get myself committed to what I can actually do. I have been checking sites for fitness and health tips. I also searched some sites for other equipment and accessories to have if I decide to incorporate yoga or Pilates in my daily routine. You can click here for yoga mats wholesale prices or other items you can add to help you in your weight loss goal programs.

Losing weight is not easy. However, I don't want to be bound to this unhealthy body and lifestyle. If you're like me, I am sure you know how it feels being teased and mocked for your weight. People think it's easy or we don't care. Little do they know how much we're crying inside, begging for help and acceptance. So, I want to break out of that negative cycle where everyone thinks all I do is eat and sleep. I know I am rotund and flabby but all I'm asking these people is not to shove it on my face!


  1. I'm struggling with my weight for so long now and since losing weight is harder than I thought, I am trying my level best to live a healthy lifestyle hoping that all else will follow.

  2. I think for weight loss, you have to be ready and want it for yourself for health.

  3. You are not alone sis because I can also relate to that.... yeah people are sometimes insensitive telling some jokes that we should lose weight and they don't know that we are hurting inside.

  4. I dont have alot of weight to lose ....25-30lbs but I find its double the work now that Im over 40. Did spring and summer sneak up and bite anyone else but me?

  5. This is very relevant to me today. Went to a family BBQ yesterday and my niece posted the pictures on facebook and I look so old and fat I was shocked. I am starting to eat healthier beginning today! I need to lose about 50 pounds but at 67 it is not as easy as it used to be.

  6. I'm there with you. As my former Weight Watcher leader always says "It is hard to lose weight and it is hard to be overweight. Choose your hard." Good luck!!

  7. I understand completely. While my current physique may not tell the story, I'm 8 lbs. over the weight I gave birth to my son at 13 years ago. I'd be happy with a 20-lb. loss, heck any loss is a start, but ultimately I want to be healthy and fit.

    I found the best results by following Weight Watchers (first through subscription to get the story, then through DWLZ.com - Dotti's Weight Loss Zone - which helps you follow the plan without the fees.) I feel like a weight loss pirate, but it's my health.

    I'm currently chowing down on a MASSIVE taco. UGH! Another reminder that I need to get my poo straight. If you need an e-buddy to help keep you accountable, please let me know and/or contact me.

    We need to get healthy! I need to start now, especially after the Taco remorse I'm currently feeling!

  8. Thanks for your comments everyone. I hope that whatever your endeavor is, be it personal, professional, financial or health-wise, that you all achieve them with determination. Kudos to all of us!


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