07 May 2013

When The Day Does Not Go Well - Pray!

I always find myself, well at least most of the time, I do wake up feeling and knowing that no matter how the day will go, I will choose to be happy. Unfortunately, my happy pill wore off today. Today is not one of them.

I wish I can share what's bothering me but I find it too personal to reveal in my blog. I guess I'll just fix it on my own. I always turn to God when I feel negative and today is quite difficult because I have to carry not just my cross but someone I love as well.

I just pray that I can get out of this victoriously as I have managed in the past because God has always guided me through my most trying times. Today is not an exemption. I just pray that tomorrow will be a  new day with new hopes and new chances.


  1. Praying is always my strongest weapon to calm me down especially when I am worried of something.

  2. Indeed! As a matter of fact God Himself begged us to come near him, our Heavenly Creator will for sure hear our heartfelt and sincere prayer, so if we feel down we should call him through prayer.

  3. This is so true. In fact, every day should start with prayer. I get reminded often times that God isn't like a faucet we turn on in case of emergency. We always have to plug in for Him to be the source of our joy. :)

  4. I hope that by this time, whatever's bothering you is already fixed. and you are right, there are some personal things that cannot be shared to the blogging world.

    Liza Barnett


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