07 June 2013

A Comeback to Making Handmade Cards

My creative tank went dry for more than a year. The last project I did was a special gift to a friend who turned 50 last year. I made her a scrapbook page and placed it in a nice frame. After that, I noticed I couldn't think of anything creative to do for my cards and scrapbook projects. So I gave myself a break from making cards. Months followed and there is still not a drop of creative juice flowing in my brain.

I did everything I could to crank the think-tank only to end up cutting papers but never piecing them together. So I stared a a blank canvas for so long that I almost gave up.

Recently, I made a card for my god daughter for her Confirmation. I was struggling so hard to come up with a decent design. I even sketched my layout and had to practice on news papers just to save my patterned papers. And alas! I finally made one and I am really happy that even if I took a while to complete the card (1 week because I was pausing a lot when nothing was coming out of my creative brain).

Then weeks passed again. I didn't attempt to make any cards anyway until today. I was browsing through beautiful photos of vintage-inspired and shabby-chic styled handmade cards and told myself that I could make one too. Perhaps not as pretty as the ones I have seen but presentable enough to get me started. So, I gathered some pieces of left over materials to put together and I did it in half an hour's time only.

I think my creative juice is trickling back. I hope it continues as I just recently purchased a Silhouette Cameo and I am so excited about it. I haven't received the package yet and when I do. I am sure that it will become an integral part of my way back to creating handmade cards with LOVE.


  1. wow, that is shabby chic indeed. i love all things shabby chic! i can't wait to see what you can make when you're super inspired. btw, i found a really great artist in the orange you glad it's friday that's into handmade cards and other crafts as well. he's arnoldo romero and you can check him out at mom liz oygif posts. hoping he's inspire you to getting back that mojo quicker. :)

    1. Thanks sis! Thanks for the lead as well. I checked his work and for a guy, he's pretty awesome. I also like the works of Tim Holtz (grunge style). I have yet to learn more techniques to improve my craft. I'm slowly getting there. :) I bookmarked Arnoldo's blog :)

  2. That is so beautiful sis! Wish I have a creative side of me but I have no creativity at all.

    1. I accidentally "realized" I have knack for crafty stuff when I was in elementary. I love making projects and would always embellish with whatever I could find at home or recycle. Then few years later, I found myself making handmade cards rather than buying store-bought. I value the time and effort I had to put in while making a single card. It makes it more special. :)


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