27 June 2013

A Great Platform to Showcase Your Brand, Products And Services - only at Sverve.com!

Photo credit: Sverve.com

I am a member of Sverve.com. It is a community of influential mommy bloggers who share their profiles, offers tips and tricks in every day life and a place to get connected to generous advertisers/sponsors/brands.

In my 2 months in Sverve, I have been connected to several brands through their campaigns. Some are paid and some are in kind but all in all, they are still generous offers that I normally do not get from other sources in such a short period of time.

I am calling out business owners, entrepreneurs, PRs, advertisers or those who have something to offer and need wider reach in audience and access to the profiles of influential female bloggers in the planet who will help give leverage to your business.

Sign up now and enjoy the friendly and supportive platform of Sverve.com. This campaign expires on 18 July 2013.

Register here:  http://www.sverve.com/dashboard/3930

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