26 June 2013

Aurorae Yoga Sling Backpack Bag Review

My package from Aurorae finally arrived last Thursday! I have waited for this sling backpack for almost a month. And it was worth the wait.

I have to use it for a week to test its durability. I always bring plenty of stuff and I want to make sure that it cn hold so much, not just yoga mat, spare towel, water jug and all. I am happy to say it passed the durability test.

It is comfy and has a cushion on the strap to make it easy on the shoulder blades. So if you are carrying something heavy, it helps lighten the feeling without causing stress on your shoulders and back.

The earphone jack slot is really handy too. No need to strap the poor phone to your arm or chucked in your pockets and no need for nosy wires tangling here and there. That one is a great addition to the bag.

The yoga bag holder is a nice feature of the sling bag. No need for slinging it around your shoulders with the bag. That means you do not have to carry two things when you can just carry one. Very neat!

And lastly, the sling backback is asking for things. It is spacious and the pockets can hold a lot of trinkets to keep your stuff in order and organized. You'll never run out of places to stuff your things in with this bag.

I do recommend this bag for yoga enthusiasts and even active people. It can withstand heavy load and maintain its form and still look good and comfortable to carry around. I will definitely use this for my yoga sessions and other activities outdoors and indoors.

Disclaimer: I received the bag courtesy of Auroraeyoga.com. I was not compensated for this review. This review is solely my opinion and feedback.

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