21 June 2013

Beetroot Juice - A Healthy Alternative to Sweet Juices

I used to do "juicing" before for almost half a year and stopped when I gave my juicer to my mom who needed it more than I did that time.  However, as one ages, you feel that all those abuses you have done directly or indirectly to your body will actually take its toll. And having hypertension is one of them.

I got this from a forwarded mail recently. I also asked around from friends who loves to drink natural juices if they have tried this particular beetroot juice. I am surprised that some of them did and the result was promising - a lesser blood pressure reading which bordered to the normal of 120/80 for adults. Then this is what I need.

Beetroot? Really? That earthy-smelling vegetable which varies from light purple to the deepest shade of that color? Yes, I have to try it. So, I did this morning. I juiced my first beetroot juice.

Well, let's just say that the smell is revolting. Imagine scooping water from puddles and filtering the soil and grains out? That's how it smelled like. The taste is another story. I know I can be a bit queasy with vegetable juices, I added 1/2 apple and 1/4 cup of water (I shouldn't have added water because it's not pure anymore but I want to know if I would actually drink it) and 1 big beetroot.

It has that earthy taste but since I added freshly juiced apple (1/2 slice), it tasted a wee bitter sweet. I think I can live with that.

I can overlook all the smell and taste for its numerous health benefits. Try juicing beetroot and you'll reap the health benefits of this succulent, purple/reddish root.

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  1. I know that smell :) I'm sure the lemon did a lot of magic in there.
    Keep juicing sis.


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