08 June 2013

Busy Making Cards

I didn't feel the long weekend at all. It's already Saturday and I'm back to work tomorrow when I still have plenty of things to do in my craft zone. I have been busy making cards.

I started making cards but not in full swing as I don't have that much materials. I have to buy more flowers, ribbons, laces and other patterned papers with shabby and vintage designs. I'm getting my hands on making shabby inspired and vintage looking handmade cards with lots of paper distressing to give it that old feel. I'm still learning the process and I have made 3 cards this week. It took me approximately 1 - 2 hours for each project only because I didn't want to force my brain to think hard. I didn't want my project to turn out "forced." I am happy I took my time developing the design in my head and executing it longer than usual. Hey, my creative mojo has been gone for more than a year so it's hard cranking up this rusty engine.

I am starting from square one again. I kept my old notebook of inspirations and started with a fresh one for 2013.  I have also been learning some tips and techniques to better my craft as I really intend to sell them. I want someone to have the cards I made with love. Isn't that a great thing to give to someone special?

Anyway, I wish the days are longer when I am at home so I can achieve so much. I am looking into sewing as well. I am keen to do this small online business on handmade stuff and promote everything handmade. It's like being organic - in a material way.

So, I hope next week, I'll be able to make few cards again and build up my stock until my Silhouette Cameo arrives. I want to make at least 50 cards before I decide to open my small handmade cards business. I also need to buy commercial license from other designers because I plan to incorporate their designs in my limited number of handmade cards.

 This is me, following my dream. I know one cannot make mega millions just by making handmade cards but the feeling of seeing something I created out of love is I think and feel, worth more than a million.

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