03 June 2013

Choosing The Right Stair Railing For Your Home

People who are in the process of constructing their homes are faced with plenty of options to choose for the stair railings. The choice will really depend on the type of the stairs, the kind of materials used and taking consideration the style of the house being built, whether it is a Mediterranean, Country, Contemporary, Minimalist or Grand.

Wood and metal railing (Photo credit: decoist.com)

There are certain factors to take into consideration before plunging into buying mode. Here are some tips to help you choose the right railing for your home.


This plays a vital role in choosing the right railing for your stairs. Various materials like wood, steel or wrought iron can be bought at lesser costs. If you're thinking of a customized metal design then you will have to add the tube bending services to the price quote. Choose the material wisely depending on the design you want.


Safety is considered the main concern of all home builders and owners. Be sure to choose a material that is durable and will last a long time considering its safety aspects. It is not advisable to install glass railings for families with kids because of the breakable factor of this component. Metals and steels are the best choice for safer stair railings.

Design that matches your taste

When choosing the perfect stair railing for your home, consider the materials and design that will suit your taste and home style best. Your house's overall interior design may be contemporary so choosing the design and railing that will match it is ideal. It will be a bit off to install wooden balusters to a contemporary design. It just doesn't go well.


  1. I am not expert when it comes decorating the stars probably seeking a professional decorator. the top or bottom of the Place one end at the top of the railing

    Start at either the top or bottom of the stair rail. Place one end of the tulle at the top of the railing and tie it in place using a piece of ribbon

  2. Thanks for the tips. If only we have tons of money I would love to build a new house and I would love a spiral stairs and with a sturdy hand railings. :) Hand railing safety is sure important especially when you live with kids. :)

  3. That is the kind that my husband really want in a home.

  4. Thanks for the tips in choosing stairs. we might be doing so in the near future.


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