25 June 2013

Every Opportunity Is A Blessing

I used to have that notion that the only thing you can consider a blessing are those opportunities that give you plenty of money in return or the ability to purchase the things you want and live the comfortable and luxurious lifestyle you think you deserve.

For many years, I have accepted that concept to be materialistic and somewhat narcissistic. Little did I know that blessings come in various form. A blessing is not always about money, the high-paying job you have, the luxurious lifestyle you live and the famous people you are connected with. It's about those little things that money cannot buy - the love and support of your family, the comfort of your simple home, the good health, the camaraderie of those people you respect and are true to you and added to that is the other blessings that come in the form of opportunities in your career and business. And even that proverbial saying that when a door closes, another one opens show us the real meaning of being blessed with other opportunities to take.

It has taken years for me to really understand that. So, I am happy to say that I am blessed whether there are paid assignments in my blogs or none, or because I got a positive mail from my sponsors or simply because I woke up again to another bright day, full of hope, surrounded by the people I love (and my furry baby Millie). That in itself is truly an opportunity and I am blessed.

Thank you Lord for making me understand that not all material things make up an opportunity.

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