27 June 2013

Great Deals Offered at Lazada.com.ph - The highly recommended online shopping site in the Philippines

I am a regular online shopper of brands I normally patronize. I mostly buy online from the US and sometimes have the chance to enjoy the purchase with a free shipping. I am quite keen on what the site has to offer before I give it a go. I am surprised to know that a number of great online shops are now sprouting in the Philippines. And one of those online sites  I have stumbled upon is www.lazada.com.ph. I am so happy that the Philippines is catching up in the modern trend on e-commerce. I am impressed.

The site has so many items offered. I checked every category and was amazed by the orderliness of the items being sold with high quality photos and choices of colors of that particular item is also shown on the side as you hover your mouse above the picture. I think that is an advantage because it gives the consumers a clear picture of the quality of the item being considered for purchase. I am checking the Lifestyle Juice Dispenser with stainless steel stand (click here) and with the offer right now, I may just have that soon.

The price is another reason why I was drawn to this online shop. Aside from the numerous products they offer from a wide array of categories, they are all reasonably priced with great deals offered every now and then. As a matter of fact, I checked their site today and saw the mid-year blowout up to 90% off the retail price. That is an offer I will find hard to resist!

Payment options in this online shop is remarkable too as it offers installment plans when tied up with a particular bank. Other means of payment accepted are major cards and cash on delivery. I am not sure if Paypal is accepted as I didn't see it in the list. I hope it is because it will be a safer choice for most consumers to use Paypal as their mode of payment.

The site itself is clean. The contact number is indicated clearly on top of the upper tab. All the brands the site carry is also noted on the lower part of the page. Information on shipping and warranty issues are also shown. I appreciate the fact that full disclosure on the warranty on items is given to ensure the consumers satisfaction and protection.

I definitely recommend this online shop to everyone. Enjoy the great deal offered right now and don't miss those discounts. Visit www.lazada.com.ph and check out their fabulous offers and you may also view the video shown below. I am now a fan!


  1. I was contacted by this company to make a review but never got to it, sigh. Online shopping is very convenient.

  2. I have been hearing about Lazada and how cool shopping is with them! I will definitely check the site out and see if their products are affordable. Online shopping always is a great option especially if it offers free shipping!

  3. Heard much about this site but my wife always wanted to see the physical thing when buying. Sigurista eh.

  4. I have heard many times about Lazada in the Philippines and hope to shop it for my Mom as well :-)

  5. wow, this is great to know, I had been looking for online shop that could ship to Philippines.

  6. i love online shopping, its easy and convenient for me sometimes! anyway, thanks for sharing more about Lazada, this reminds me that I need to check their website. although they have Lazada Thailand but unfortunately its all in Thai which I cannot read yet, I hope they have option for language! :) have a great weekend. :)

  7. I too am a fan of Lazada :) Online shopping is awesome. Great deals offered at Lazada are a must see and try! Have a fabulous weekend friend! :) and happy shopping! *wink*


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