30 June 2013

Health Benefits of Drinking Sambong Tea (Blumea Balsamifera)


I have heard of Sambong's medicinal properties many times when I was young. Little did I know what I will soon be drinking it's very aromatic and slightly sweetish brew.

Sambong or Blumea Balsamifera as scientifically known is a weed and generally grows in the Southeast Asian region. This plant from the genus Blumea is described to be softly hair with half woody shrub and very aromatic. The leaves are elongated and the small flowers are scattered along leafy branches of the plant.

This weed is widely popular in the Philippines where the leaves are brewed for medicinal reasons. It is one of the few herbal plants approved by the Department of Health in the Philippines as an alternative treatment to some disorders. And because of the many medicinal and benefits of this plant, it is widely drank by many Filipinos.

Here are some benefits of drinking Sambong tea:

  • Acts as a diuretic agent
  • Reduces edema
  • Effective in dissolving kidney stones
  • Effective in the management of mild cases of hypertension & rheumatism
  • Helps treat colds & fever
  • Has anti-diarrheic and anti-gastralgic properties
  • Helps remove worms and boils
  • Relief of stomach pains

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