20 June 2013

Indulge Yourself in Luxurious, Hassle-Free Living by Automating Your House

How good would it be to live in a highly automated home where your effort is maximized and your every bit of energy perfectly utilized. A century ago, this would be a wishful thinking because technology then could not cope with the demands of a highly automated house. Yet now, with the onset of microchips and other miniature gadgets, homes can be fully automated and life can be a lot more fun and easy for any homeowner.

What does home automation entail?
Home automation may include a hands-free control of home gadgets and household activities. This may include a highly centralized automation of heating and air conditioning system, lighting system, security system, security systems including gates and doors, appliances, and other household activities. Being free from manually controlling these household activities, a home owner gets a lot of extra free time and energy to engage himself or herself in other more pleasant and fruitful activities.

A system of home automation readily integrates all the electrical gadgets in a house into a holistic automated system. The integrated system controls home activities such as home entertainment systems, blinds and curtains movements, air-conditioning, even yard watering, houseplant watering, and also pet feeding. Moreover, home automation may include the use of domestic robots and the integration of all these activities through the use of a computer network which allows you remote access to the system. Likewise, you can make use of smartphone and other gadget connectivity to make possible home automation.

Elements Necessary for Home Automation
There are various elements necessary for a systematic home automation.

  • First, you need to install sensors. These sensors are sensitive to temperature, motions, and even daylight.
  • Second, there is the need for controllers such as a personalized computer or any automation controller.
  • Moreover, there is a need for actuators such as light switches, motorized valves, and motors which initializes the movements of any gadget or appliance.
  • For monitoring and controlling the functions of any gadget or appliance, there is a need for a device which allows interactive activity between the owner and the machines. Additionally, multiple intelligent devices are usually used and distributed around the house for a systematic control of all home functions and activities.

Lighting Control
In a highly automated home, a lighting control system is put in place to automatically turn on and off the lighting of the house. You can readily extinguish any light in your home on a scheduled basis. A lighting system includes detectors which readily determine if the light in the room is turned on, or if there is no longer any person in the room. Moreover, lighting control may include the control of the brightness of lights or the color of the lights.

Heating, Air conditioning, Ventilation Control
Home automation of heating and air conditioning includes the use of internet-controlled thermostat. This allows homeowners to remotely control the heating and air conditioning system from afar or just automate the functions of such system. This system allows homeowners to save on their energy consumption and optimize the use of the heating system.

Audio-visual Control
This includes the automation of your Home Theater system and other audio-visual devices inside your home. Just imagine how you can awe your visitors by automating these devices remotely.

Shading is one of the most important factors in setting the ambience of your home or any room in your house. Motorized shades can readily close or tilt open shades and blinds at a single touch of a button. This system is easy to install using a remote control device and allows you to maintain your privacy or set the mood and tone of any room at will.

Security System
This is an essential aspect of every home and thus should be a vital part of the integrated automation system of your home. From your computer-based center, you can control and watch security cameras and install motion sensors to detect any unusual and unauthorized movement inside your home premises. Likewise, you can install sensors to detect any leak of gas and water in your home.

The intercom system allows you to communicate from one room to another via the use of communication devices. This will enable you to communicate faster and easier around your home.

With all these automated systems in place, you can relax and save a lot of energy and effort in monitoring and controlling all the activities and functions in your home. Thus, home automation is very advantageous and pleasant because it makes domestic life a lot easier and comfortable for every homeowner.

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