04 June 2013

Join The Blog Workshop And Learn How To Reap The Many Rewards Of Blogging

I may have been blogging for the last 7 years but if I have to evaluate myself in terms of being knowledgeable about what blogging is all about, including the technicalities such as SEO, keywords, tags, and categories are concerned, I can grade myself as a newbie. I did not know then that I can reap the many rewards of blogging if I only knew how.

The stark reality of blogging for the main reason of getting my thoughts across the cyberspace was actually one of the few reasons I engaged myself in blogging. The other positive perks like earning on the side, meeting more bloggers as friends, increasing traffic and simply being out in the cyber world are just the extra benefits that goes in the territory of blogging.

I have joined plenty of bloggers' forum and groups and have learned so much about the other side of blogging as a passion and also a mean to generate more income, leverage your site in search engines and getting noticed by advertisers, brands and PRs. And all those I mentioned will be part of The Blog Workshop.

Photo credit: The Blog Workshop

What is The Blog Workshop? I am glad you asked. Well, for bloggers like myself, we also need tools/resources and a group of other like-minded bloggers (including vloggers or video bloggers) to come to a place where we can pass information, tips and tricks, increase fan base and meet other bloggers/vloggers, increase networking and get invitations to workshops and conference and even opportunities to learn and earn more about the blogging world and bridge the gap between bloggers and sponsors willing to put their brands on our blogs.

The Blog Workshop also conducts workshop and annual conference for bloggers and vloggers. Its motto "Where Blogging Meets Business" will be at the fore as bloggers enroll for the Introductory Blogging Diploma course in TBW University which will provide intensive lessons on the ins and outs of establishing a successful blogging business.

Here is a sample of one of The Blog Workshop's upcoming workshop and the topic is very appealing -  Surviving S.E.O:

Visit The Blog Workshop now and register to find out more about how it will benefit your blogging venture and reap the rewards.

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