30 June 2013

Smokeless Cigarettes - An Option For Smokers

Smokeless cigarettes or electronic cigarettes have become very popular among people who are trying to cut down on their smoking. As their name implies, smokeless cigarettes provide all the flavor and nicotine as a traditional cigarette without the harmful smoke, tar and carcinogens that go with it. Although doctors warn that they are not 100 percent safe, they are certainly safer than traditional cigarettes, and they can be enjoyed even in places where smoking isn't allowed.

Smokeless cigarettes are electronic devices that resemble traditional cigarettes, but they are really more like an atomizer. They work by vaporizing a solution that usually contains small amounts of nicotine. The solution is usually flavored to taste like tobacco, although there are other flavors available. The solution is vaporized and inhaled, and what is exhaled as "second hand smoke" is really no more than water vapor. This makes smokeless cigarettes popular in places where smoking is not an option.

You can take a look at some of the many smokeless cigarettes at LeCig.com to get a better idea what smokeless or e-cigarettes are like. Although they are unlikely to completely replace smoking altogether, many people are excited about the prospect of being able to get their nicotine fix without having to light up and destroy their lungs.


  1. cigarette is cigarette right but the advantage of the ecig is that it doesn't have a smoke
    so it is less harmless especially to others.

  2. a friend of mine has been smoking for over 50 years, she's down to 2 cigs a day now. she even purchased a starter set of Lecig I can tell this product is expensive anyways still a cigarette. no smoking for me :-)

  3. smokeless cigarettes? wow! I think I have to grab one.

  4. People who really want to have a safe alternative to smoking should try electronic cigarettes. People who are new to e cigarettes should purchase e cigarette starter kits as it has all the necessary accessories in a kit. These cigarettes do not produce ash and tar and carbon monoxide a poisonous gas and it is battery operated device. You can charge your battery with a charger. Various types of chargers are available in market such as wall charger, USB charger and many more. It becomes easy to use the device at any place and these cigarettes do not produce smoke. These cigarettes are thus environment friendly.

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  5. All smokers at least will more comfortable when doing this habit. Smokers can smoke with electronic cigarettes without worrying because the nicotine levels used are different and can be arranged in accordance with the desire in smokers. Jose - SouthBeachSmoke.com


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