28 June 2013

The Blog Workshop Conference 13 Experience

I was lucky enough to be given the privilege of joining the Blog Workshop Conference 13 recently. I have learned so much and realized that my 7 years of blogging knowledge was never sufficient to catapult my blogs to a level where I get more traffic, sponsors, good link backs and more. Not only I was given access to The Blog Workshop's site, I can navigate around the Homepage and check out the resources available to members.

First of all, I would like to give my thanks to all the speakers who graced the Workshops  and shared their valuable tips and information for bloggers like myself to learn and benefit from. Also, a round of applause to all the speakers, sponsors and organizers of this event.

Above photos of the sponsors and speakers

The Day 1 of the conference was filled with tips and valuable information on blogging, video blogging,  SEO and being a blog entrepreneur.  I have not tried video blogging yet or vlogging but it sure looks interesting especially if you want to share tutorials or how-to's in your blog. It is a great way to engage your audience.

Day 2 was more in-depth in these topics: pitching sponsors and ads, building relationship with the media which gave me better understanding on how to make my blog more attractive to brands, sponsors and PR firms.

The last day of the conference was about advertising as opposed to affiliate and ways to monetize your blogs. I have picked up a lot of pointers from the conference especially on the monetizing blog aspect. It is really a vital part of being a good blogger to keep your media kit ready and those numbers showing in your About page as it serves as your "resume." These are just some of the enriching, interesting and info-filled conference of TBWC13.

There was a Q & A at the end of the presentation of the speakers and they were helpful because it cleared some grey areas and clarified confusion in the topics.

The conclusion of the conference highlights all the topics discussed. This conference also supports the sponsors and The Blog Workshop Causes by encouraging attendees to sign up in Lela Affiliate Store plug in for the benefit the Wellspring Living and Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children. Every sign up, Lela Affiliate will donate $5 to the above mentioned charitable organizations.

All in all, the conference is a big success. I am sure that all the bloggers learned so much from the Blog Workshop Conference 13.  Next year again!

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