13 June 2013

Why Buy Handmade Cards? Part 2

This is the continuation of my post on Why Buy Handmade Cards?  Part 1.

How long does it take you to finish one card?

It depends on the project. I can complete cards with easy layout in 15 minutes while the harder ones with plenty of details and intricate designs tend to be done between an hour or two. Yes, that long. Like I mentioned in Part 1, I don't rush with my card-making process. I want each card to be made with precision, clean and well-thought of.

Do you get attached to some of your work?

Yes. Sometimes, I even keep them for myself until my daughter sees them stashed in my treasure box. She would reprimand me and tell me to sell them because that was the reason why I made them in the first place - to sell them so that someone else will receive the kind of love I have put in that card. So, it's like a piece of my heart goes to every card I make.

Does your hands hurt after making the cards?

Yes, plenty of times and really painful. I used to have a die cut machine but I sold it last year because of my hiatus. It wasn't really used much so I still did my cutting by hand. I once commissioned a friend's Birthday thank you souvenir cards and I had to cut them manually - all 50 of them. I told myself, I would buy a die cutter. And I did but after that, my creative juice went dry. I'm just recovering now, in trickles.

Have you studied card-making?

No. I kind of knew I had it in me when I was young. I would always make stuff out of scratch, sew my dolls' clothes by hand and send greetings cards I made from art papers. It just developed as the years go by because I learned few tricks from my artsy blogger friends. I also watch tutorials and practice at home until I get it done the way I envisioned my project.

Are there other projects, aside from cards, that you are engaged in right now?

My daughter and I are learning how to make a plushie pattern. We can make 2-D plushies but it would be nice to have it in 3-D. And I plan to make a lot of felt plushies too which I can sell eventually. I just hope I can make all these soon so I can open up my small handmade business.

Are you going to post tutorials?

I would love to but each time I make a project, I always forget to take pictures of the materials and step by step process. I don't know much about videos as well. I'll work on that and let's see.

Are you going to open a shop in Etsy or other e-commerce site?

I don't think I'll go to Etsy for now mainly because I am not sure if I can break  the international scene that soon. I want to build my fan base and just let the word spread. That is my goal but I want to be realistic as well. I may open a fan page in FB or post my artwork in my blogs. I'm not sure yet but I'm working on it.  I also hope that before Christmas, all my cards are out!

So there you have it. The reasons why handmade cards are ultra special. They are already a gift in itself. Don't shy away from buying handmade cards because when you do, you are supporting micro business like ours to flourish. I am nothing compared to the giant commercial card makers out there but one thing I know why my handmade card will stand out is because I know my cards are all made with love.


  1. I know some friends who are very happy with their craft business in Etsy, maybe one day before you kniw it, you already have an etsy store . Card making is fun, but yes, hard work too

  2. Hand-made cards are always beautiful. My little girl loves to give me hand-made cards. She is one creative and sweet girl of ours :-) Most hand-made cards are for a wonderful cause too which is nice to help too :-)

  3. you are so creative! I used to be crafty as a teener too...but I do not know where that went now, hehe...so admire you for being able to create such marvelous cards..the photo here of a thank you card is uniquely beautiful...as I read on I felt the pain on your fingers from cutting so many cards....cards made we love are indeed the best! keep the creative juices flowing!

  4. Why not give Etsy another try. Sana you post naman the tutorial stuff. Seems may talent si misis dito.

  5. I love looking around Etsy, lots of fabulous handmade items...I would not be surprise if I will see you there. Goodluck on you Ate, I will definitely be one of your many fan in FB if you will start a page. I love to see your work, must be really beautiful and shows how talented you are in card making. :) Have a great and blessed week.

  6. I also want to receive handmade cards than ready-made cards. I prefer it more because I think it's more sincere and it will make someone feel special just by thinking that the giver spent time time and effort to make it.


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