31 July 2013

Alicia Keys Live in Dubai

It's not even November yet but I am already excited as one of my fave artists of all time is coming to Dubai for a concert. Dear hubby asked me earlier if I wanted to watch. I guess you'd know what I answered! Of course! Who will say no to Alicia Key's concert? Certainly not me.

I can already imagine the stage set-up with all those gadgets and gizmos and even the fancy mackie profx8 and other musical instruments her entire band will take on stage. I would really love to see her play the piano for her famous pieces.

Oh, November, I hope you'll come soon!


  1. Awww lucky you, I like Alicia Keys as an artist as well.

  2. hope NOvember come soon for you Ria, it's just a few months away :) enjoy the concert

  3. She is one of my favorites singers. I like the quality of her voice, and her songs are very soulful.


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