29 July 2013

Foods That Can Help You Sleep

Photo credit: sleep.lovetoknow.com

Not all of us can get decent sleep unlike others. Work, money matters and other issues keep us up all night thinking. Well, your body and mind needs sleep and rest. Here are some foods to eat to help induce sleep.

Almonds - These nuts are rich in tryptophan, the amino acid that helps relax the system. It is also rich in magnesium which is a natural muscle relaxant.

Cherries - These fruit contain melatonin which is important in regulating sleep.

Cereal - Those cereals made of whole grains such as wheat or oats help with sleep regulation. Cereals contains the snooze-inducing amino acid tryptophan. Also, the fiber and complex carbohydrates in whole-grain cereal increase insulin in the blood, which helps the tryptophan get to the brain. So, it is a double whammy for this food when it comes to inducing sleep and relaxing your system.

Turkey - A lean meat that is high in tryptophan.

Warmed milk - Milk has tryptophan and contains calcium, which helps the brain to use tryptophan.


  1. I do try to avoid eating a couple of hours before bedtime but I drink a glass of warm milk a few minutes before I hit the sack. It does help me sleep better. :-)

  2. My husband doesn't go to bed without eating cereal with milk first.


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