22 July 2013

Glass Dharma Glass Straw Review

Finally! A glass straw that I can use over and over again without adding more trash to the the environment. The Glass Dharma Glass straw is the perfect straw for juice drinkers like myself. Before using glass straw, I used to buy packets of straws and dispose them after each use. Not only that they are plastic and can probably leach chemicals to my family's drinks, they also contribute to the wastes in the environment. And that is a big no-no for us.

So, I am very glad that my family and I have now switched to Glass Dharma Glass straws. There are plenty of benefits in using glass straws and let me just give you some that will help you switch to these straws.

1. Environmental friendly - They are made of glass and not chemicals. So, we are not polluting the environment by limiting the wastes.

2. Reusable -  Just wash them every after use.

3. Does not have plastic taste - I don't like the taste of plastic in my mouth when I am drinking juices and sodas. It changes the taste for me but with Glass Dharma glass sraws, there is no taste of any plastic or chemicals at all.

4. It is economical in the long run - You save money by using glass straws because you don't have to dispose them. All you have to do is wash and store for future use.

Visit the Glass Dharma site and choose different sizes and diameter of glass straws for your drink. Below is a product guide for you to choose the right straws for your drinks. You can also buy accessories like brushes and soft sleeves made of hemp. They are slo offering free shipping delivery within the US and Canada areas for orders above $100. And finally, a lifetime guarantee is also issued along with your purchase for any breaks (not intentionally caused).

matching straw diameters to beverages
Photo credit: Glass Dharma

Glass Dharma has been producing glass drinking straws. The Glass Dharma mission is to create world-wide awareness about single use plastics and how damaging plastic straws are to our environment. Glass Straws provide an alternative that eliminates the need for straws made from plastic. Switch to glass straws now and help make a positive difference while enjoying your drink.

Watch out for my giveaway of Glass Dharma Glass Straws for 1 lucky winner courtesy of Glass Dharma in this blog soon.

You may find more information about Glass Dharma and their glass straws here:
Glass Dharma website
Facebook fanpage

Disclaimer:  The Glass Dharma glass straws and brushes were given to me for review purposes. I am not compensated monetarily in this review. The review is 100% mine and any honest feedback is based on my findings on the product.


  1. This is an environmental friendly product. I am looking forward to try this Dharma Glass Straws. Is this available in the Philippines? Thanks!


    1. Thanks for the comment Sherryl! Also, welcome to the FBF group in FB. :) I don't think they are available in the Philippines. However, you can join my giveaway soon. It's for US/Canada but if you have relatives in either countries, you can use their mailing address if you win. Or maybe, ask them to join as well. :)

    2. Yes, we can ship to the Phillipines!
      Gail Johnson, Co-owner of GlassDharma

  2. My Burritos love using the ones I have here at home. I totally agree, this is one way of eliminating plastic straw wastes.

  3. Yes, this is a must-have product in my home, too! Looking forward to joining the giveaway! ;-)

  4. Wow this looks amazing! thanks for sharing!


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