06 July 2013

Hostess' Twinkies Are Back!

Photo credit: yahoo images
Twinkies, the sponge cake filled with yummy creamy center filling was made by Hostess. It's a very delectable dessert sponge cake that went bust and filed for Chapter 11 last May 2012. Operations dwindled starting November last year and the production of Twinkies were limited to Canada only.

After reading the news from Yahoo today, I am one happy camper! I enjoy this treat so much even if we don't have it here in Dubai. My friends who frequent the US always make it a point to have a box for me and my daughter. And now, Twinkies and other Hostess products will be under the new management and owner's Global Management and Metropoulos & Co. who bought the company for $410 million.

The much-loved American dessert staple will be back in US stores' shelves on July 15, 2013. And when I visit, the US again, I will certainly make sure to get my fair stock.

Thanks to the new management and owners for bringing back the ubiquitous and super delicious Twinkies.

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