17 July 2013

More Arts & Craft Supplies Arrived From The Mail

I am on a roll! I love my craft supplies from Etsy! I just got two parcels over the weekend from the 2 shops in Etsy and they are adorable.

I bought some cute and tiny charms to use for my cards from Mondopuro. The rose cabochons, cameos and organza flowers are from jqloveh. These two sellers in Etsy are really prompt and their shipping charges are fairly reasonable too. Aside from that, they gave me discount vouchers for my next purchase and that's really so nice of them. So, if you're into crafts, I do recommend that you pay them a visit at Etsy and you'll find throve of trinkets and cabochons you can use.

Also, I got my 6th batch of supplies from my daughter who bought all the nice french laces, antique looking buttons, ribbons, tulle and Victorian-esque colors of satin fabric. I know what to do with them so I'm just waiting for my daughter to come back so she can help me sew small flowers out of the satin fabric.

I also have my ephemera and other Victorian era images taken from the public domain which I can incorporate in some of my shabby chic/Victorian inspired cards. In fact, I was too excited that I already made one card the other night.

Lastly, my very supportive hubby ordered a customized rubber stamp of my very own "logo" with my new email for my handmade cards and party supplies mini-business which I hope to launch before the holiday season. I'm just running the logistics and other legalities as I need to respect the commercial license of some of the images, shapes and stamps I wish to use in my designs. I hope I get everything sorted out including the shipping rates so I can finally open  my small business.

Please support handmade.

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