02 July 2013

More Blogging Opportunity With LinkVehicle

I am a member of LinkVehicle for sometime now and honestly, the first few months (or years, I guess) was very quiet. I think the opportunity was even non-existent that time. I would have a few and it would trickle every now and then. It changed when 2013 came and I am quite surprised by the number of assignments they give in a given month.

Below is a testament of the payment I received for the month of June alone. If that is not a motivation enough for all you bloggers, old and new alike, then I don't know what is.

copyright  www.riablahgs.com

If you want to get more paid opportunities, please sign up at LinkVehicle now.


Good luck!


  1. Good for you sis! Pag nagtuloy tuloy yan pwede ka na umuwi. :)

  2. Hi Ria,
    thanks for sharing this! Gusto ko na nga din uli magpaid posting e. Sayang naman kasi un opps to earn. I will sign up on this. Thanks!

  3. Thanks mga sis for the comments.

    Sis Liza, mag-dilang anghel ka sana :)

    Sis Beth, yes, do come back. I miss your posts and it's worth the time and effort naman yung magiging payoff mo dito. Trust me... :)


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