01 July 2013

Ramadan 2013

www.riablahgs.com Ramadan 2013

Ramadan is coming very soon and the month-long fasting is upon this region. It is that time again where people who observe this tradition will fast from sunrise to sunset. That means, for non-observers, we will have to refrain from eating in public so as not to offend those who are fasting.

Food outlets will be closed from morning until sunset when they break their fast and will be open until the next day. Some shops will also follow suit and will only be open later in the day. I am already used to this set up but it will be more difficult this time because it will fall during summer where the weather is unrelenting and couple that with hungry, fasting people. It can only spell bad moods and even road accidents. I do pray none of that happens this year. But just to be on the safe side, I’ll be off the road the whole month of Ramadan.

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  1. Fasting month again for our Muslim brothers.


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