04 July 2013

The Basics of Social Security Disability Benefits

Social security disability benefits are designed to enable workers who have been injured to receive enough compensation that they can continue to live comfortably. Those who have worked for at least ten years in an approved, non-government position are able to receive these benefits. Social security disability benefits are meant to be extended to those individuals who have worked for the required amount of time but are now no longer able to continue working because of some reason. This reason must be a physical, emotional, or mental injury that prevents them from working. Not only must the injury prevent them from continuing in the job that they hold presently, but it must also prevent them from working in a similar field with similar labor requirements and intensity that matches their current skill level. The injury must also prevent the person from returning to some form of work that they have held previous to the job they currently have. A disability attorney in Wilmington will be able to help a person determine whether or not they qualify for social security disability benefits.


These social security disability benefits are meant to be distributed to workers who are not longer able to perform the tasks at their present job, or at any job they might have had prior to their current occupation. Our society has deemed that these benefits should be distributed to disabled workers because they participated in the workforce for a considerable portion of time, returning a portion of their earnings back to the government in the form of taxes. Those earnings are then returned to the individual now that they are no longer able to work. The assumption is that an individual would have continued working if the opportunity had been available to them, but because of their mental, physical, or emotional injury they are unable to participate in the workforce in any way that they are currently trained to do, or have previously been trained to do. A disability attorney in Wilmington will have the skills and experience necessary to determine whether or not an individual will qualify for these benefits.

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