11 July 2013

The Importance Of Attending Trainings, Seminars and Workshops

In this hard times, getting a promotion is like shooting for the moon. You are lucky if you are given the chance to move up the ladder but if you are one of those workers who are trying their best to be recognized and improve their rank in the corporate world but unable to move up, the closest thing that can be satisfying and gratifying is to attend company sponsored trainings, seminars and workshops.

As learning and development is a continuous process and highly regarded by most companies. Take advantage of the opportunity presented to you if you are being nominated for a training. It really does not matter whether the training, workshop or seminar is in-house, as long as it is shouldered by the company then go for it.

Here are some valuable reasons why it is integral to your career progress to also undertake trainings and development workshop and courses:

  • It is a positive item to be added in your resume. If you are planning to move up the corporate ladder and take on higher positions. Going through trainings and workshops can put you in a positive edge in the competition.
  • It can enhance your skills and add more knowledge on areas where you wish to develop or brush up on information that you are not familiar with.
  • It can open up possible connection and build networking. You will meet various people in the company who may already be in the higher echelon of the company. They will see you performance during the group activities and those can open up other opportunities. Not only that, you will meet people across the company who may have skills and information that you want to know of. You can ask for mentoring or shadow in their area of concern.
  • It is fun. Group activities are very stimulating and you will discover many things from one’s personality to mentality to approach to situations to problem solving and decision making skills. You will definitely enjoy the change of usual dealing with your colleagues.
  • It builds up your social skills and confidence. I love attending trainings now. I used to be so shy whenever I attend one because I don't know the people around me. However, as I have gotten more accustomed to the environment of training, I enjoy it so much that I have trainings scheduled every other month and sometimes, twice a month. My confidence level really improved so much and all because of the exposure I had, all the presentations I had to make impromptu, the introduction, the question and answer forums. All these activities boosted my confidence that I don't feel conscious or even scared when in a training full of senior employees.

Training, seminars and workshops are all valuable tools in the corporate world. It is a good leverage to have in your career and not only that, the theories you will learn can also be applied into your personal life.

You come in empty handed but come out knowledgeable and more skilled. So, nominate yourself to trainings, seminars and workshops whether they are paid or not. If you can afford it then go for it. There is nothing to lose but more to gain.

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