21 July 2013

Top Fun Ways To Keep Teens Entertained Over The Summer Holidays

www.riablahgs.com Top Fun Ways To Keep Teens Entertained Over The Summer Holidays
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Many teenagers seem to spend most of their free time either playing video games or complaining about being bored, so how can you keep them occupied and engaged this summer?

If you’re heading off on a long road trip this summer, then backseat boredom will hit your teens pretty fast. With an e-reader, they can take all of their favourite books with them without having to worry about heavy bags. Although it might look like yet another gadget, remember that they could just as easily be reading Shakespeare in preparation for their A-levels instead of Twilight again - in theory, at least!

If your child has a hobby or favourite sport they're losing interest in, try persuading them to help out as a teacher or coach for younger children. Not only is it valuable for university applications and future CVs, it's also a great way to re-engage with something they used to love. They could volunteer in a library, help out as a football coach or even work with animals. Most clubs will be more than happy to let them help out, just remember to invest in some new Kickers shoes and boots if they're going to be on their feet for a long time!

National Citizen Service
Organised by the government, this scheme lets teenagers take part in things like horse-riding and dry-slope skiing as well as learning the importance of teamwork. Programmes are usually 3 weeks long and are for 16 and 17 year olds only. They usually include some residential time away from home and around 30 hours of volunteering at community projects: perfect for building independence and confidence.

Let them plan a trip

Hand over some of the responsibility for your holiday to the children to give them a sense of ownership, as well as an idea of the organisation involved! Whether it's a day trip or your choice of hotel, chances are your teen will complain less if they've had an input into the decision making process. Let them help with everything from booking travel to stocking up on holiday essentials. Just keep an eye on the shopping cart to make sure they stick to the budget!


  1. Great tips! I'm always looking for ways to occupy my newly turned teen!

  2. Yes very good tips, my son loses interest in stuff pretty fast, unless its game related.

  3. My 8 year old sometimes complain of being bored so I constantly do things with her.

  4. My son is almost a teenager and acting like one, sis.He was so bored last summer, hahaha. These are helpful tips.

  5. My 10 year old daughter are sitting in room their vacation or playing the games in front of computer,but i want they do something else or utilized their vacation not just waiting the time to just play games..Your post seriously helpful for me in this matter or also gives some many tips to child for the holiday,so thanks for this..!!


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