13 July 2013

Why My Daughter Won't Walk Barefoot At Home

After featuring her Paper Children art in my blog few days ago, I decided to rummage on her Devian Art profile and check out what she posted recently. I didn't find anything new but did find something interesting. Check this out! I think the title alone speaks in volume. And this is what my daughter certainly doesn't tell me...

PS. The conversation really did happen. And her hating our Millie, I don't think that's true. She loves Millie tons and tons of it. Typical teenager. She just won't show it. Wink!!! Pardon the innuendos of "swearing." She doesn't swear but I bet she wants to at times but I always give her that dagger look when she's almost about to blurt some nonsense stuff.  Teen angst, perhaps.

Arice215 devian art drawing art riablahgs.com
Photo credit: Arice215/riablahgs.com

Please do not distribute her comic strip above. If you want to feature her, please leave me a line or two. Of course, I have to ask the artist. Smiles...


  1. Hahaha.....gee this makes me smile from ear to ear....your daughter reminds me of my boys when it comes to their pet dogs....they openly rant when the puppies are mischievous but love them so much still
    ...I love the creativity of your girl! :)

  2. Wahhhhhh, love that comic short story. She can be a comic writer sis.

  3. That's so funny, am sure she would be a great writer it looks she's very talented.

  4. Very talented kid you are so bless to have that kind of child. Just enrich it to be recognize by other.

  5. Hahahaha! Sobrang naaliw ako. She's very creative, Sis! You must be so proud of her.

  6. Cool girl. That is so entertaining. How old is she again if you don"t mind me asking?

  7. Nice way to express her thought,...through art work. Sis, never mind the 'pee' thing, your daughter is absolutely creative.

  8. I love the doodles and drawings she made! Your kid is going to become a great artist someday And of course, I always advice everyone not to go barefoot even when at home :)


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