24 August 2013

Common Alternative Energy Sources

The modern times have paved way to a lot of advancement of technology and industrialization. It also is one of the reason for more use of energy in the form of natural gas, nuclear and other alternative electricity.

Energy is sourced in many ways and at times, how we get our energy is a stark revelation of how much nature plays a big role in the production of energy. More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of using alternative sources of energy to supply their requirement. Use of alternative energy will help preserve the environment by decreasing the pollutants.

Below are some common alternative energy sources that are now being tapped and used by discerning consumers.

Solar energy

The sun is the most common source of energy. It is renewable too as long as the sun exists. Solar power is harnessed by trapping the sun's rays into solar panels or cells where they are converted to electricity.

This natural source of energy does not release water nor air pollution because of the lack of chemical reaction from the combustion of fuels. It is commonly used for heating and lighting.

Wind power

Wind energy is considered one of the promising ways to harness natural energy to provide consumers clean electricity. It taps the power of the wind to propel the blades of wind turbines to produce electrical current. Plenty of coastal towns have taken advantage of wind power to produce electricity enough to power a small community and to pump water for crops and their livestock.

This is more affordable, available and pollution-free source of energy and there are no harmful by-products of this source of energy.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal means earth's heat. It taps the heat energy present underneath the Earth such as hot rocks which heats water to produce steam. The steam is purified and used to power turbines which in turn, produces electricity to power generators.

Geothermal energy does not produce any harmful by-products to the environment.

Hydroelectric Energy

This type of energy source comes from the energy of water in the dam which drives turbines and generators. It can also harness the kinetic energy of water. This is the reason why dams are built around bodies of water as the concentrate flow of water can be used to turn turbines.

The beauty of this energy source is that it can pump back water to the dams and reuse when needed.

All thee alternative energy sources are ways to help consumers go about their daily tasks whilst ensuring that the environment is not harmed nor overly utilized.

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