21 August 2013

Data Backup Information All Businesses Should Know

Running a business in today’s world requires a good computer system complete with a backup program. If your computer crashes without a backup program, you could find yourself losing money while your business is down. In addition, when your systems get running again, it is probable that you will have lost information that cannot be retrieved. There are many online solutions that urge you to click here so that you can begin to back up your files. Before starting any backup program, however, it is important to understand the following basics about backups:

  • Different types of backups
  • How automated backups work
  • The importance of using offsite storage

Different Types of Backups

There are five main types of backup that include the following:
  • Full backup—A full backup copies every single one of your files and data.
  • Incremental backups—Incremental backups only copy files that have been changed since a previous backup was done.
  • Continuous backups—Continuous backups are usually done online. When you make changes to any file, a copy is automatically uploaded to an online site as soon as you save the document or file.
  • Physical backups—Physical backups are still digital backups, not paper. They are done on flash drives, external hard drives, CDs, DVD discs, etc.
  • Offsite backup—An offsite backup is one where a copy of your data is physically stored somewhere other than your office, computer, or building.

Automated Backups

Automated backups take the stress out of backing up your files. You can purchase a software program or use an online service to automatically backup your files on a regularly scheduled basis. The advantage of an automated system is that you don’t have to remember to do it.

Importance Offsite Storage

Offsite storage of one form or another is crucial to protect your data. If a disaster occurs in your office, you might not have access to your computers or your office space. If all your data is stored in your workspace, it could be lost forever. There are two common ways to store your data offsite:
  • Physical backups that are taken to another location or stored in a fireproof safe
  • Online backups that store your data in the cloud, either by following instructions to click here when you visit the online site or by using an automated system that will upload your data

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