15 August 2013

Know Fashion, But Do What You Want

There is a famous speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where he says that people should not be judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character. It is sort of a variation on the theme of not judging a book by its cover. While Dr. King was talking about racial discrimination, the idea of not judging someone based on appearances is one that runs rampant through American culture. It is a nice thought, but people still judge one another by what they look like. Rarely do you get to know someone who you do not like on first impression, and there are arguments for going with your gut. Even when it should not matter what someone looks like, you will still want to look good, and if you click here, you can find some items that will make the vehicle you drive look better.

‘Pretty Woman’

In Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts' character goes into Beverly Hills to buy some clothes. The salesperson takes one look at Roberts, turns up her nose, and tells Roberts that she cannot be helped. Of course, at this point in the film, Roberts had a big wad of cash, so after she is finally able to get some help and buy some clothes at a different store, she goes back to the woman at the first store and asks if the girl worked on commission. The girl says that she does and Roberts holds up everything she bought during the day – “Big mistake.” The message is clear that the salesgirl missed out on a huge payday because she judged Roberts by the clothes that she was wearing when she first came into the store.


The compulsion to be fashionable is endemic in human cultures. Every culture may have its own idea of what fashion is, but every culture does have a sense of what looks good to them. When choosing the right accessories for your car with a click here, you will want to keep in mind what Americans consider fashionable and then do what makes you feel good.

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