02 August 2013

Logging Off from Facebook

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Ever since I have been a member of Facebook, I got hooked to it. Initially, I used as a gaming platform because it was entertaining and it relieved my stress. I seldom sign off from Facebook since I joined and only on rare occasions that I temporarily went on hiatus because I was on vacation or probably there was no connection. So you can say, I live, breathe and have Facebook for breakfast, lunch and supper.

It is strange that I don't feel as enthusiastic as I was with this social platform. Oh, don't get me wrong. That is the common ground for me to catch up with family and friends. It is just that, these days, my time and energy spent in Facebook is getting lesser and lesser which I think and feel is a positive thing.

Today, I decided not to check my FB account. I want to enjoy my weekend like I did pre-Facebook time. Although it is just a few, short days, I think this is the right opportunity for me to do other things aside from checking my FB.

I can do my crafts, read a new book, exercise and just have a fulfilling rest and relaxation with my family here. It is not often that I stay away from the social media but I guess, as you get older, other things seem to matter most now like that actual time that you have to use it for something you have been pending to do, or actually go out and smell the flowers, run at the park, walk my dog, learn a new language and so much more.

This weekend, I am completely off Facebook and I am starting to like that idea. I may just do this every weekend then. So, don't be surprised if I didn't read your status nor liked it nor even shared a wonderful picture you have posted. I am just taking this off from FB to focus on ME.

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  1. I've been wishing for the same thing hours ago while staying in bed lazily with the kids and the hubby....not much time for me to blog these days....busyness seems to be running after me..

    But I have time to visit precious friends....have a great time and before you know it it is weekend again :) there sis.....been thinking of doing the same thing....and staying on fb is not that productive for me....I get blog visits from there though....but I think I just have to minimize my time on fb and focus on more productive matters....yeah right...must be a getting older am er wiser thingy....happy weekend dear....:)


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