17 August 2013

More Handmade Cards Created

Update (25Jul2014) - I no longer make handmade cards. Thank you to all those who believed in my ability to create beautiful and special cards.

---- o O o ----

I voiced my passion to create a mini-biz selling my handmade cards, tags and plushies before. And I have actually put the plan in motion. I have been making my projects every weekend. I built a decent stock to feature in my Facebook fan page so everyone can take a look, admire and even purchase. Of course, the purchase part will be my favorite because engaging in handmade card making is a very expensive hobby. I want to be able to at least enjoy the fruits of my labor of love.

I would like to invite everyone to check out my handmade cards in my Handmade with Love Facebook page and I hope that someone out there will be my lucky first buyer who will open the doors for more repeat and new business. Contact details are in the FB page, same as the shipping costs and prices.


And here are some of my cards for sale. 

I hope you'll consider purchasing some of my work. They are all Handmade with love.


  1. Awww, what a cool hubby you have right now sis. I love the creativity you put in your cards.

  2. I love all of them sis, you are very creative. so how much do each card cost?

  3. i love handmade cards so personal and cute

  4. Those really look wonderful! You can see all the love you put in making each one of them. I hope you get plenty of clients. :-)

  5. Ang gaganda! Favorite ko yung girl na nakaupo sa fence. :)

  6. visited your FB page, grabe you are so creative!

    you can make really nice wedding invites :)


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