30 August 2013

Review - Woolzies, The Natural Fabric Softener

I have been using fabric softener ever since I started doing the laundry on my own many years ago. I thought of fabric softeners as man's greatest invention to mommies like me who wants her family's clothes to be soft, clean and nicely scented. And then came Woolzies!

I am so grateful that I found this product from another blogger's review. I thought I would give it a try. I am glad that I did. I am very thankful too for Woolzies for graciously sending me a box of Woolzies Dryer Balls containing 6 dryer balls. Now here are my findings and why I have fallen in love with this eco-friendly product.

Why I love it:

  • First of all, it is natural. It does not contain chemicals that can harm your skin nor the environment.
  • A great eco-friendly product.
  • It made our clothes less wrinkly. With the use of fabric softener, it only softened the clothes but the wrinkles are still very pronounced.
  • The dryer balls did not make noise at all inside the dryer.
  • The friction it created against the clothes made them more soft and less wrinkly.
  • It can be re-used plenty of time.
  • It saved me time pressing our clothes because of the lesser wrinkles.
  • The look heavy but they are light weight. Combined weight of all 6 dryer balls is barely 1 lb.

Woolzies is 100% pure New Zealand Wool. The dryer balls are handmade in Nepal from high quality and fine New Zealand wool. The company behind this genius and very helpful product is Soft By Nature, Inc. of New York.

The box contains 6 dryer balls which you can all use in one load.

If you want to know more about these amazing Woolzies Dryer Balls, check out their profile at:

Woolzies web site
Facebook page

I recommend this product to parents out there who have plenty of laundry to do and bust their budget buying fabric softeners that are not eco-friendly. Try Woolzies Dryer Balls!


I did not receive payment for this review. The product has been provided by Soft By Nature, Inc. and my opinion is 100% completely my own findings and evaluation based on the trial I have done with the product. I only accept products to review that I know I will use and endorse.

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