27 August 2013

Running Out Of Craft Supplies

Update: I no longer make handmade cards and my Facebook page is already unpublished. Thanks to those who believed in my ability to create beautiful and special cards. :) 25 July 2014

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When you are a crafter and your juice is just flowing ever smoothly, the last thing you want to happen is to run out of stocks. Yes, it happened to me just when my momentum is soaring. I found out that I only have few patterned papers left, no available embossing powder with Christmas themed colors, few metres of adhesive tape left and very limited supply of paper flowers that I need for my shabby chic and Victorian themed cards.

I have made my list so I can visit the scrapbook supplies this weekend and I am pulling the weekend already to come fast. I am yearning to create my Christmas projects and finish them soon so I can post them in my Facebook page. I am still waiting for that breakthrough that someone will actually place the first order and the rest will be glorious history for my cardmaking biz.

Anyway, do visit my Facebook page and check out my handmade cards. Please feel free to purchase anything you fancy. :)

Also note that I have created an album for my Christmas cards and other stuff. So come back again soon!

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