21 August 2013

The Natural Energy Boosters

I sometime hope I am like that rabbit in the Duracell battery commercial where it keeps going and going and going. Just like any other mortals out there, I also conk out and when it happens, there is not much I can do but rest and take a nap.

There are actually natural foods out there that can help us energize. Some of these foods like apples, sesame seeds, avocado, lean meats from chicken and turkey, fish, tofu, eggs and plenty of water to hydrate yourself.

Studies show that food sources of quercetin (a plant-based phytochemical linked to athletic endurance) can boost your energy levels.

Foods rich in magnesium can turn the food that you eat as natural energy boosters that the body can utilize.

Also, complex carbs can be eaten as they are slowly digested and can prolong your energy level. Complex carbs are foods rich in fiber like beans, brown rice, whole-grain breads, brussels sprouts and other leafy vegetables.

So, the next time you feel weary and need a perk-me-up food, grab some fruits and snack on fresh vegetables for a quick energy boost.

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  1. i always tell my kids to munch on juicy fruits to keep them going with their hyper active lifestyle. similarly, i try to prep up some pasta and breads to fire up their energies.


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