20 August 2013

Tips For Affordable Wardrobe Update

I have gained a substantial amount of weight over the last few years. What used to be a svelte figure is now a flabby and rotund one. My small sized clothes and shoes are now the property of my daughter. And I am forced to buy few few sizes bigger than what I used to wear.

Despite of my weight gain, I still have to present myself appropriately.  I am in serious need of a wardrobe update and here are tips on how to go about it without burning a hole in the pocket.

Check out flea markets

There is absolutely nothing wrong with checking out flea markets to update your wardrobe. I like vintage clothing so the best place to find gorgeous lacey and loose, billowy blouses that looks vintage are in flea markets. You can haggle too and you'll be surprised to find plenty of other stuff that you can accessorize your new outfits with.

Check out online shopping sites and avail of their promo deals

I was checking the internet a while ago for great deals online. I found several good hits of online shopping sites for full-figured woman like myself in the internet. There are also others that are preppy and great for office wear too. Visit MakeMeChic.com so you'll have an idea of what kind of staples you can add in your wardrobe to accommodate your new size plus don't forget to check out the shoes too.  I want to add a nice pair of boots that I can wear to work in my wardrobe collection.  The site is also offering 30% off due to its extended sale. You can find more of these online sales in the internet.

Swap clothes with your relatives or friends who are the same size as you

This can be tricky but it can be done if you're not the fussy one. Just make sure that when you trade clothes with your relatives and even trusted friends, they don't have body odors because that is a big no-no. If so and to avoid hurting their feelings, you may just want to take a rain check on this one. This is just a suggestion.

Have your clothes repaired/adjusted by a dressmaker

Do you even know what a dressmaker is? Well, they are still around and thriving. I know several dressmakers here in our place where I can take my beloved business suits for repair. In this case, adjustments.  Some of my coats have enough allowance in the seams so it can be adjusted accordingly. Business suits are really expensive here in Dubai so I can live with several of my suits being adjusted rather than kept in a box and put into oblivion.  That will save me money because I will just pay my dressmaker a fraction of the costs of each business suits I have bought and not worn for sometime because they are all tight.

Buy basics and mix and match and invest on some classic cut outfit

If it's really necessary that you have to spend few money to buy new clothes, make sure you spend it wisely by investing on outfits like a business suit, a shift dress, 1 or 2 cardigans of basic colors, at least 2 blouses that you can wear with a business suit or solo, 1 or 2 pairs of trousers, at least 1 decent jeans that will fit your new body perfectly and basic tees to match it with. You don't have to splurge and there is no need for it. Just learn to mix and match your updated wardrobe and stick to colors that can go well with others like white, black, gray, and pastel colors.

See, updating your wardrobe need not be an expensive undertaking.  Just follow these simple tips and you will be fine.

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