04 August 2013

Tips For Waist Loss (and Weight Loss too!)

Dieting is not the only key to lose those stubborn belly fats and affect your weight loss. One does not have to undergo strict diet to achieve their weight loss goals. A smart diet and commitment to regular exercise or activity can help burn the fats and whittle the middle part of the body which is very crucial to one's health.

Here are some tips to note to lose inches on the waist and drop the weight for health's sake.

Walk regularly and try to achieve at least 10,000 steps every day. Invest on a good pedometer for this activity.

Stretch after walking. Stretching keeps the muscle limber, flexible and it helps prevent injury.

Ditch the bad food in your cupboard and refrigerator. Stock up on green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Try to limit your intake of processed fruit juices. Try to drink the fresh one or do some juicing.

Limit your sugar intake. Try substituting white sugar with honey if you want to sweeten your drink. Use table sugar sparingly for your cooking.

Cut back on trans fat and white flours. Stick to olive oil and consume whole grain rather than the processed white flour.

Enlist a buddy or other family members to support you on your weight loss goals. It is always nice to exercise and eat healthy when you know your friends and family know what you are going through and understand the importance of your lifestyle change.

Write it down. Note all the food you eat, how long you have exercised, what activities you have done for the day.

Engage your core. Do strength training and light weight lifting to tone your muscles.


  1. i so agree, i never can be in a restrictive diet that eliminates certain food group, i just could not do it, but by enjoying healthier food choices such as you mentioned ( we are more into fruits and vegetables, though we eat rice 3x a day, but not a big portion since we save our stomach space for lots of vegetables which usually is our main dish, and fruits for dessert). we do not buy juice at all, since I love making juices, I feel like buying juice would take away my joy of making our own juice, and we include everything in our juice, except of course for non-edible thick skins and seeds, but I do not bother taking the seeds of grapes out or the stalks in strawberry since they are the greens!

  2. I am guilty, I haven't gone for a walk or run for two weeks now. I do take some short walks but I know it's not enough.

  3. Thank you so much for those wonderful tips of yours. Right now, I'm busy doing my Zumba everyday.

  4. hmmmm just the right thing for me to read now that I am guilty of letting go of my weight loss project the past weeks hehehe

  5. This is true that dieting is not a proper way to lose your extra fat. The best way is to manage your calories consumption in a proper way. The best formula is to consume less and burn more calories in a day means if you are consuming 2000 calories in a day then you should burn 2200 calories per day. Exercise is the best way to lose your extra calories.


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