15 August 2013

Tips To Get Out Of That Weight Loss Plateau

Have your weight loss levelled to a point that you are not even losing an inch nor the numbers on the scale do not change at all no matter how hard you workout and diet?

You may have hit a plateau in your weight loss and do not lose hope and drop everything you have worked hard for just because of that. There are ways to get out of the rut if you're stuck in one. Here are some tips to note of to kick-start that metabolism.

  • Go on a variety of workouts in a day if you can. So, if you have been jogging non-stop for months on end, it is high time to shake things up. Incorporate Zumba or other aerobic exercises in your workout and this will crank up your metabolism and burn extra calories too.
  • Include intervals on your exercise routine. A burst of 30-1 minute high-intensity aerobic workout can speed up your metabolism.
  • Avoid eating carbs and stick to high-fibre, whole grains food and have more vegetables in your staple.
  • Be fidgety! Move around even if you are not working out nor exercising. Pace around when you're on the phone. Use the stairs instead of the lift. Park somewhere farther (but practice caution though... You don't want to park too far where there are lesser people) so you will have to walk towards the entrance. Take a walk to the park. Walk your dog. Clean the house. Scrub the floors. And so much more activities you can do just to get yourself moving.

Break out of the rut! Start moving! Start shaking for a healthier you!


  1. the last one is the easiest thing to do :) since i move around a lot when doing things :) though eating vegetables easy for me too :)

  2. These are very helpful tips. I would like to do zumba but so far, I am okay with the aerobics.

  3. Brilliant tips sis. I've been losing weight for months now. I just eat more fruits and drink plenty of water.

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